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We have been protecting businesses around the world since 2007. We offer a comprehensive selection of security measures to keep your business protected and secure

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Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is a process in which we evaluate, locate and identify potentially dangerous risks to your system and/ or website, such as; deadly viruses, back doors, malware and more. Get an inside look.

PCI Compliance

An annual validation of PCI Compliance is mandatory in operating client financial transactions and handling sensitive data. We offer both PCI DSS security protection and SAQ packages to meet your needs.

Security Consultation

While we offer a variety of premier security services, we encourage you to start with a consultation to determine your specific company needs. Learn more on how to move forward with your security status.

Network Security Test

It only takes one machine in your network to be the host of one of these deadly viruses, back doors and other dangerous threats to comprise the network as a whole. This could be extremely debilitating for your business, your clients and your reputation.

Server Security Scan

A Server is like a house. In order to make it secure you need to install doors, windows and locks.You need to know who has keys to the locks and how many doors there are in the house. There is a constant need to scan and secure the house to make sure what is open and what is not is right. Learn more about to secure your server here.

Application Security Testing

There are many types of application risk factors. OWASP lists the top ten attacks such as; injections, broken authentication, insecure cryptographic storage etc...All of which are forms of attacks to obtain very sensitive data...

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WPEngine Sensitive Information Leak

  WPEngine is the hosting company to WordPress, a very popular content management system. On December 9th, 2015, WPEngine sent a mass email to their

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WordPress War Rages On: Automattic Rolls the 4.2.3 Fix into the Fight

WordPress security administrators can’t seem to catch a break. A number of eCommerce plugins such as eShop and TheCartPress have recently been compromised, a problem

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What they say

High marks, double-thumbs, and multiple stars to David Polsky, managing H4L partner. I became aware of H4L through a web search. I sent them an e-mail through their website and got a call back shortly thereafter from David, while he was attending a conference in Las Vegas. This was a good indicator of what was to come: constant contact, clarification, updates and support. Working with them was easy, the contracting

John, Cafe-Cafo

We approached hacker4lease to help us secure a micro-site. As a non-profit we needed someone who would be honest and straightforward with us and would help us meet our objectives without taking us for a ride. Daniel and Lior were fantastic. Their honesty about what it would take to get the job done, and how we could stretch our investment was phenomenal. They worked fast and worked hard and we

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