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SQL injection exploits – The full story

Nov 20, 2012
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SQL Injection attacks pose a direct threat to the database layer in an application. They enable hackers to steal vital information from organizations. In the case of ASP SQL injection, due to inefficient or lax application of security within the web application, the hacker is allowed to inject an SQL command in order to achieve access to the information stored in the database.

How does the entire process unfold? Databases maintain the critical information used within a website. They allow visitors to the website to collect and submit information from the database through a web browser. In this hacking technique, an SQL command is sent through a web application for implementation by being tacked on to normal data entry. In case the commands are not filtered properly, web applications are likely to face hacker attacks through SQL injection PHP. Since, databases are the core point of a website, they store information related to the customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders related to the website. A database may store vital information about company statistics, payment information and other user credentials. Therefore, an SQL injection attack allows a hacker to extract vital information from the database of a website. Parts of a website that may give the scope to a hacker to execute an attack are support request forms, login pages, product request forms, search pages, feedback forms and shopping carts. For instance, when visitors log into a website from a login page entering their username and password, they submit their details and queries through a form. The SQL query is then sent to the database for confirmation where the user gains access to various sections of the website. At this point, an SQL injection attack can enable a hacker to access information stored in the database by adding SQL commands to the data entry in the form.

A hacker making use of SQL injection PHP, ASP, .NET, JAVA can gain complete access to the database of a website and get empowered through any kind of information that is gathered in the process.

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