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Passwords – Avoid Good and Use ‘Badder’ Grammer

Jan 22, 2013

Passwords “123456”, “mypasswordrocks”, jan231992″, “tobymydog”, etc..are all examples of weak  vulnerable passwords that can be easily hacked. Alarming is most of us still use passwords that use our birth dates, family members dates, jersey numbers,  family pet names, and  personal phone numbers. This can be extremely dangerous in the exploitation of personal information and identity theft.

A report from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University explains that they have created an algorithm that can crack long passwords with grammatical correct language. For example; “baseballismylife” or alpha numeric combinations like, “b4uweremine”.

Experts say it’s better to use passwords that are grammatically incorrect or simply make no sense like “gooderbitepurple3over” or “longonion7chairtoes”.

It’s only a matter of time more  people will eventually fall victim to password hacking crimes,  if we don’t act now. We strongly recommend you reset our current passwords often, be fun, creative and choose wisely.


Rachel Gilliland, Toronto Professional Services Team



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