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1TB of Sensitive Data Ripped Off Dailey

Feb 28, 2013

According to the Verge, they say a security firm in Florida claimed that expert software designed to protect us from unwanted visitors or hackers, is not so safe. The firm shared in a report that approximately 1 terabyte of sensitive data per day is been stolen by overseas hackers.


Victims include the military, academic facilities and prominent search engine companies. Although the report doesn’t point any fingers, they are quite certain that the hacking organization is “state sponsored”. Steve Santorelli, a former detective with Scotland Yard, said “This is Internet theft on an industrial level.”


The United States has become a huge target for cyber attacks. Recent attacks on television and new stations have been quite common. Infrastructure, financial institutions and the Federal Government are currently under heat and has us worried about their next attack. It’s been estimated that a network of 500 computer servers are on the prowl to steal trade secrets from around the world and getting worse. Victims include Australia, Eastern Europe,  Asia, and even some embassies.



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