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Former President Bush Family Hacked

Feb 12, 2013

Not even the President is 100% completely safe from online hackers, when there’s motive. All it takes in an open window of opportunity and voila, all eyes are open to your personal life, as well as, other people who are close to you. At least 6 family members and close friends have had information compromised, including pictures and private details of home addresses, cell phone numbers, and exposing e-mails of dozens of other Bush family members, including both former presidents, their siblings, and their children.


According to the Smoking Gun, the hacker responsible, refers to himself as, “Guccifer, and contends that “The feds” began investigating him a “long time ago,” and that he has hacked “hundreds of accounts.” Asked if he was concerned about the FBI/Secret Service investigation that will no doubt follow shortly, he replied critically,


  “I have an old game with the fucking bastards inside, this is just another chapter in the game.”


These attacks are among some of the latest high-profile hacks going on. It wasn’t too long ago media giants, including Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Twitter were subject to similar hacking invasions and security breaches. Nearly a quarter million Twitter users were required to reset account passwords as a precaution and many journalist e-mail accounts and password were exposed.


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