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FTC to Host a “Threats to Mobile Devices” Event June 4

Feb 25, 2013

On June 4th, 2013 at the Washington, D.C. conference center, the Federal Trade Commission will host a one-day seminar on mobile security threats and will be open to the public. According to the FTC website, the event will include discussions of “emerging mobile security threats and trends, security challenges in the mobile environment and infrastructure, potential solutions to mobile threats, password and authentication strategies for lost or stolen devices…

Unfortunately  the FTC is not regulated to institute new legislation, rather they can offer education and information to developers and the public on best security practices. This comes after the FTC recently accused the company HTC, of neglecting to take “reasonable steps” to patch a found  security flaw in software running on their smartphones.They also suggest that their staff is not properly trained by not implementing “well-known and commonly accepted secure coding practices.” HTC has since fixed the problem. However, these lax security practices can allow malicious applications to send text messages, record voices and install unwanted malware on devices.

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