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China & U.S. Should Be Cyber Friends and Less Finger Pointing

Mar 18, 2013

Newly inaugurated premier of China, Li Keqiang, released a statement Sunday saying, “I think we should not make groundless accusations against each other, and spend more time doing practical things that will contribute to cyber-security.


Lately China has been accussed of a string of cyber security attacks against NY Times, Wall Street Journal and cyber security threats against US national security. The US, believes the Chinese military funds, supports and houses the hackers behind the latest series of cyber attacks. The community known as UNIT 61398,  has been operating in a 12-story building and has office space for up to 2,000 cyber spies. Sources say, that the military recruits students from universities with computer expertise and command excellent English skills.  Scholarships are also handed out, provided they come work for the unit after graduation.


In fact, Li disagrees saying that, “This is a worldwide problem. In fact, China itself is a main target of such attacks” and that “China does not support, indeed we are opposed to, such activities.”


President Barack Obama has also shown concern, by discussing the recent issues with the former Chinese President Xi Jinping.


China will be on the hot seat, with the US urging them to investigate itself, in order to help stop cyber attacks against the United States.



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