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Deadly “Longline Phishing” Latest Hacking Technique

Mar 11, 2013

Cyber criminals are one step ahead to beating detection, and they waste no time in doing so. Long time hacking tricks phishing and spear phishing have been successful in the past, but easy detection has encouraged them to develop a new technique combining the two called, “Longline Phishing“.


While spear phishing is used to target a specific group, longline phishing can go beyond and hook in hundreds of users exposing them to a website that will infect their computers, quickly and mainly undetected.


According to TechNewsWorld, generally, longlined phishing hackers may send up to 100,000 emails from 50,000 different IP addresses, which makes it merely impossible to identify spammy e-mail server locations. Typically, attacks are connected to one IP address, not 50,000.


In addition to thousand of IP addresses, hackers have perfected that art of the English language, making sure they use correct grammar and sentence structure.


Todays’ hackers are proving that they won’t be taken down easily, keeping us on our toes to hopefully be one step ahead. The cat and mouse game lives on, as the bait just keeps getting bigger.



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