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DOS Attacks Czech Republic’s News Websites

Mar 04, 2013

According to Reuters, one of the latest strands of DOS attacks hit three of Czech Republic’s top online media news sites. Hackers sent overwhelming requests to websites, www.ihned.cz, www.idnes.cz and www.novinky.cz, causing information overload and disrupting service. Also known as, denial of service attacks.


Lucie Tvaruzkova, the head of www.ihned.cz, released a statement saying, “We are receiving great numbers of requests at our servers, which is a typical way to attack.” Home pages crashed or slowed their systems to turtle speed.


Cyber attacks aimed at media organizations have been on the rise including conglomerates, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Although, China is suspected to be responsible for the latest media hacks against the U.S. media big wigs, no one is quite certain who is behind the latest DOS attacks against Czech Republic’s online websites.


Other Adobe related attacks have been aimed at government agencies in the Czech Republic, Romania, Ireland, and various European counties.

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