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Java Not so Savvy

Mar 07, 2013

Oh Java, throw me a double cream, extra dense foam and extra sugar! It’s the third emergency update this month and the 5th time for the year! Java’s, Oracle, aims its efforts at halting cybercriminals from actively exploiting yet another security vulnerability that allows them to infect malware on a victim’s device by attacking a Web browser. They choose to release this update, which also includes ramped up protection for other possible vulnerabilities roaming about.


Java has had a tough go these past few months and users are not sure who to trust. Java’s Oracle frantically throwing out more emergency patches or the hackers who will simply win at your expense. No one wants to be a part of the cat and mouse game.


Recent attacks affected both Facebook and Apple. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommended disabling Java on web browsers for extra precautions.


Luckily, this threat does not affect Oracle server-based software, Java running on servers and desktop applications, or embedded Java applications.


For all you users, who still are coming back for your fix of Java updates, you can go straight to the Java Web site or simply through the Java auto update.

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