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South Korea vs North Korea Cyberattacks

Mar 25, 2013

Multiple cyberattacks in South Korea has still not been accounted for, investigators say. However in Seoul, the main focus is on North Korea, in which South Korean security professionals claim the North have been training a complex team of computer-savvy “cyber warriors” .


Last Wednesday, deadly malware shut down 32,000 computers and servers involving three major South Korean TV networks and three banks. Communication and banking services caused major havoc across their cities.


No proof has been provided to charge the North Korean’s of being behind the cyberattacks. Interestingly though, malware was traced to a Seoul computer. Having said that, police claimed Monday, that some of the malicious code also came from the United States and three other European countries.


South Korea has not backed down and maintains that Pyongyang has been involved in six cyberattacks since 2009. In doing so, to protect the Internet-dependent country from hackers from North Korea, they have created a cybersecurity command center in Seoul.






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