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Trojan Targets Mac OS X

Mar 21, 2013

Macs are no longer shielded from the latest threats and nosey parkers. A new Mac OS X Trojan named Trojan.Yontoo.1, is worming its’ way into Mac computers, installing adware plug-ins, throwing unwanted ads on Web pages, all in an effort to generate big bucks for its webmasters.


A Russian antivirus company first discovered the nasty Trojan, where Dr. Web shared his concerns, warning us that, “Criminals profit from affiliate ad network programs, and their interest in users of Apple-compatible computers grows day by day.


The most vulnerable method is tricking users to install a new plug-in to view various video media. It can be a simple media player, a video enhancement or accelerator. Once victims launch the new plug-in, the Trojan prompts “install Free Twit Tube”. Press “continue” and adware galore infiltrates your system. Whether you use Safari, Firefox or Chrome browsers all are vulnerable candidates.


The ‘big brother’ of plug-ins then robs information about the pages you visit and secretly embeds third party codes. Webmasters collect the info and spam users with unwanted ads and daily deals.





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