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Worldwide DDoS Attacks on Spamhaus Internet Users

Mar 28, 2013

This Wednesday, the world experienced record breaking cyberattacks on their internet connections, slowing some to a crawl and creating outages. Spamhaus, is a company hired to keep out the unwanted junk e-mail from entering our inboxes, like Viagra, hot girls, or the latest penny stock deals. The large denial of service attacks was aimed at Spamhaus in reaction to “black listing” these servers, including a Dutch hosting organization, known as Cyberbunker.

Denial-of-service attacks are a means of overwhelming a server with information. Imagine trying to stuff  10 pounds of potatoes in a 1 pound bag all in one shot.

CloudFlare, hopped on board to help fight the cyberattacks for Spamhaus. Matthew Prince, the CEO of  Cloudflare  pointed out that the attack  was so big, they caused outages for the London and Hong Kong. The company claimed that “The DDoS almost broke the Internet.”

Spamhaus was not shy to admit that, “it was a small miracle that they were still online.”

The attacks were estimated to be three times more deadly than recent attacks on U.S. banks sites last year, at 1oo billion bits per second to 300 billion bits per second.

These attacks are not new, but are becoming a lager threat. As Mr. Kaminsky, a security researcher said years ago, “The No 1 rule of the internet is that it has to work,” and “the only way to deal with this problem is to find the people doing it and arrest them.”

Most of the disruption was in the U.K., Germany, and the Netherlands.





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