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Battle to Win Scholarships for Future Cyber Warriors

Apr 02, 2013

After a long tech battle to win a spot at the nation’s  first cybersecurity learning center, ten scholarships have been awarded.

Earlier this March, hundreds of competitor’s hacked it out to compete, including secondary and college students, veterans and jobseekers. The fierce tech fight used interactive and hands on software to compete and was simulated by an environment used by the U.S. military.

The school Brookdale Community College, in Lincroft New Jersey, is on trend capturing and supporting the demand for our future cybersecurity teams and professionals. The the National Science Foundation will fund the scholarship project by a 2-year, $300,000 grant program.

The U.S. military and government needs to entice and encourage young teens and adults to pursue the high demand career. Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta claimed that cybersecurity is, “the battlefield of the future” and that, “our most important investment is in skilled cyber warriors needed to conduct operations in cyberspace.

Military veterans who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are finding new career paths in the field and continue to train on cybersecurity.





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