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Big Brother Acxiom About to Reveal Your Info

Apr 11, 2013

Acxiom, a wee company based in Little Rock, Arkansas has all the deets on you! They consider themselves the king of data analytics and tracks everything from your income, your marital status, shopping habits to your politics.  The lastest news, according to a Financial Times Report, says that Acxiom plans to launch a service that will ultimately reveal to people what it knows about them.

Shockingly, most of us don’t even know the amount of personal information that has been collected and stored about them. Now you will have the opportunity to view these secret confidential files.

The company currently serves more than 7,000 companies and nearly half of the Fortune 100 companies. That amounts to more than a trillion data transactions each week captured from 700 million consumers around the world.

The move suspected to be caused by a U.S. Federal Trade Commission investigation launched in December , has Acxiom opening the floodgates of your personal information at your service. The motive? A security service, allowing you control as to who has authorized permission to view information such as credit card data, your political views, market targeting ads and even your income.






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