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STOP CISPA April 22nd

Apr 22, 2013

April 22 has been proclaimed a massive day of protest against CISPA. Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or a.k.a. CISPA, is a prosed act to give freedom to the U.S. Federal Government to perform search and seizure without a warrant or knowledge. The people would never know their personal data was ever exposed and combed through,  and then shared with whomever they deemed fit.

CISPA would grant permission to Federal agencies such as the TSA, Homeland Security, Immigration, the FBI and more, to secretly access our data. Sites from Facebook to Google to Apple and more, would be a free for all to divulge our personal info. Not so funny how CISPA would protect the companies snooping around, but not so much the people.

Here how you can hop on board and protest this erroneous bill.

On Twitter and Facebook: Tweet #CISPABlackout or #StopCISPA .Profie the STOP CISPA icon for a day. Tweet, post and share to raise awareness with CISPA news articles and petition links.

Sign a big petition: Protect Internet Privacy: Stop CISPA petition on Change.org. has over 165,000 people and it’s goal is to reach 200,000! Sign, then tweet and share on facebook.

Sign a quick online petition: Sign petitions at CISPAisback.org, where Fight for the Future has a quick online petition you can sign, send and speedily share to raise awareness on social media.

One-click email: Enter your zip code and voila an e-mail letter ready to send to your exact Senators – all at once.

A Classic Call or email to many Senators: Do it today, first thing this am! Start calling/faxing/e-mailing the Senators about CISPA using contact info supplied by Project: Stop CISPA, OpenCongress.org.  They also offer a convenient how-to page with tips for calling and emailing, and sample text of what to say and a complete U.S roster and contact page.

Join the blackout: Anonymous launched a YouTube video and this website on how to add your website to #CISPBlackout, how to protest and where to petition.

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