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Delete! Delete! Delete!

May 09, 2013

Quick! Delete that! Oh, wait, there is no delete button! Oh crap, that personal information will forever travel the internet! Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, admits in an interview with NYU professor Nouriel Roubini, that the internet needs a delete button. Both Eric and Jarod Cohen, director of Google Ideas, spoke about their new book, The New Digital Age.

Schmidt says, “The lack of a delete button on the Internet is a significant issue. There is a time when erasure is a right thing.”

A real issue for example, is for individuals who may have a criminal past, in which a pardon was issued. Any news articles, blogs or journals written about it, lingering on the internet, will still remain alive. This endless roaming of personal information can hinder anyone from moving forward in seeking a job, rehabilitation and getting on with one’s life. Same goes for all those college partying pictures you posted on social media sites, with your friends funnelling beer down your throats. Not exactly a great point for your resume.

Further in the interview, Schmidt goes on to suggest that each country will make a different decision about how to address the privacy issue and customize their own policies.




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