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Mac App Store Game Showed Traces of Malware

May 06, 2013

According to a recent report by MacWorld, the iOS App Store detected an app containing an embedded trojan horse, however, the malware code is not considered to be malicious.

Bitdefender Virus Scanner, a free Mac App, located the trojan horse, after its readers gave MacWorld the latest scoop about the potential of malware threat in a game called, Simply Find It, available on the iTunes App Store. Evidence of the trojan horse was found embedded in an MP3 file used by the app program. An iframe, HTML code: iframe src=”http://x.asom.cn”, embedded to a remote webpage, which is non responsive and not a threat. Suspected to have happened during the testing stage of the program, the findings could have resulted in a much worse outcome. Stealthily hiding embedded malicious codes could mean malicious intent to do bad things.

Apple’s initial tests did not notice the malware most likely because the link was dead, and it posed no threat. Security experts say if a malware link does not run, it’s not a threat, so iOS users should breath and relax because there is nothing to worry about. At least this time, anyway.

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