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WordPress Security Audit

Mar 30, 2015

Over 70% of WordPress accounts are vulnerable to being hacked. Is yours one of them? Secure your site today. Call us at (888) 834-8932.

At Hacker4Lease, we have been protecting businesses around the world with our comprehensive security measures. WordPress is no exception.

Building your ideal website takes lots of time and effort and a hacked WordPress blog or website can lead to loss of revenues and can tarnish your businesses reputation. Don’t let your website be susceptible to an attack. Protect yourself now.


What can hackers do?

Hackers are able to take over your site, post unwanted content, disable functions and make your website unusable for current or potential customers.

You may think that hackers only attack websites with high traffic but that is not true, they do not choose ‘more popular’ websites, they simply break into a website because a door has been left wide open for them.


What can you do?

A basic start would be to change the username from ‘Admin’ to something else. When you leave Admin as your username, hackers are already halfway through the door.

Make your password a random mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols. It should make no sense and no real words should be used. Password generators can assist you with this.

Make sure your WordPress and any plugins have the latest updates and keep up to date with the latest WordPress news.


How we can help.

At Hacker4Lease, we offer two services for protecting your WordPress Site.

1. Assess Your Site

We look at plugins, themes, files and add-ons you are using. Our thorough process will identify any hidden risks, viruses or malicious codes your website might be infiltrated by. We have security experts in Toronto who do each test manually, and then relay their findings to you. We also provide solutions, strategies and recommendations on how you can remove the threats, and keep them from returning.

Purchase this option here.


2. Secure Your Site

To secure your website, we begin by updating, replacing and removing harmful plugins that have been installed. Themes will also be repaired or replaced if unsecured. All files will be scanned and debugged for viruses, Trojans and other malware. Traffic from geographic hotspots that are known sources of malicious traffic will be blocked as well. We pay for a 1 year license for security plugins for your added security.

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