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Microsoft Website Security Stumbles – How Hacker 4 Lease Could Have Helped

Jun 25, 2015

The rise of cyber-terrorism has increased awareness of the fallible nature of website security. This has had far-reaching implications for online banking, tax filing, eCommerce, and other online ventures requiring you to fill out forms with sensitive information.

With seemingly moral organizations like Anonymous using cyber-terrorism to coerce people into social justice, some people have fooled themselves into thinking that nobody is out to get them. The reality is that there are people out there who have cultivated very deep digital skill-sets with the sole intention of ripping you off, whether that means stealing your sensitive information or afflicting your audience with viruses.

Nice Guys Finish Last” – Microsoft’s Digital Constitution Cracked

Evidencing the notion that nobody is safe with outdated website security standards, it was recently announced that Microsoft’s Digital Constitution website was recently hacked. This website’s cause is a noble one – they’re dedicated to the protection of online users from invasive US policy and surveillance, after all, but still were targeted by online hackers. Not only is this website one of the “good guys,” but it is owned by one of the most well-established companies in the technological world. If this genial juggernaut just got hacked, then nobody is safe!

The hackers did not do much damage, but the lesson is still clear. Those responsible injected traffic-heavy keywords like “casino,” “blackjack,” and “roulette” at the top of the website, and also embedded content from other gambling websites elsewhere on the page. This could have likely been prevented if the website had invested in testing and updating its website security. It was later learned that the website was running on an outdated version of WordPress, using 4.0.5 rather than the current 4.2.2 edition. These vulnerabilities could have been exposed by a licensed hacker, who would then recommend an update to batten down the digital hatches.

Increase website security with Hacker 4 Lease

Not all hackers are created equally. Our hackers are here to help you fight back against the bad guys. We can assess your website security and recommend some effective solutions to keep your brand safe and your customers comfortable. Don’t let porous website security discourage potential customers from doing business with you!

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