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WPEngine Sensitive Information Leak

Dec 22, 2015


WPEngine is the hosting company to WordPress, a very popular content management system. On December 9th, 2015, WPEngine sent a mass email to their clients, informing them that their passwords needed to be changed immediately. The customers were asked to change their passwords for their user portal, sFTP, database, protected installed/ transferable installs,  and original wp-admin account.


WPEngine responded to many concerned enquiries. Eric Jones says that the security of  sensitive information belonging to all customer is their number one priority. He goes on to say that, because of a potential exposure of customer credentials, Word Press is taking proactive moves to rectify the issue.


There does not seem to not be any inappropriate use of client’s personal information as of yet.  WPEngine claims that these are merely preemptive steps. The customers five previously listed passwords will no longer be valid, and they are required to change them to be able to log in to their Word Press accounts. An investigation is also underway.


As of December 10th, 2015, WPEngine is now working together with federal law enforcement in their investigation to the events that lead to this. WPEngine is also working with a cyber security firm. This cyber security firm specializes incident response and forensics. No further details have been provided on the situation as of yet.

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