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File Intrusion

Threat description An intruder file is introduced into the hosted web site through an invasive file submission. This threat can be executed very simply through a short HTML form (3 lines!). This is a less common but highly impactful attack. Any file of any type can be introduced in this …

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SQL injection exploits – The full story

SQL Injection attacks pose a direct threat to the database layer in an application. They enable hackers to steal vital information from organizations. In the case of ASP SQL injection, due to inefficient or lax application of security within the web application, the hacker is allowed to inject an SQL command in …

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Undefeatable Password

You and Your Password You might have heard the term “Strong Password” and may have wondered what it meant. Strong implies that it is more difficult to compromise and making it a stronger password is fairly easy to do. First we would like to lay out a few background facts …

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Software Life Cycle

The Software Life Cycle as six stage process by which new software is build and maintained. Initiation – project is defined. Analysis – functional and physical characteristics are defined. System Specification – hardware specifications defined. Design and Development – code is being created. Implementation – product being implemented. Maintenance – …

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IT Security Articles – Penetration Testing

1) Web Application Penetration Testing A Web Application Penetration Testing is concerned with evaluating the security of various web applications. A malicious user called Black Hat Hacker or Cracker is used for bringing about a false attack on the system. This helps in determining the possible threats to the computer system, thus …

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IT Security for Spear Phishing

Phishing.  It’s been a hot topic and the focus of IT security services companies for a long time.  What is it?  Phishing is a way of acquiring information including, usernames, passwords, and credit card details, as well as other personal information through methods that are masquerades for trustworthy entities.  For example, emails …

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