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Delete! Delete! Delete!

May 09, 2013

Quick! Delete that! Oh, wait, there is no delete button! Oh crap, that personal information will forever travel the internet! Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, admits in an interview with NYU professor Nouriel Roubini, that the internet needs a delete button. Both Eric and Jarod Cohen, director of Google Ideas, spoke about their …

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Google Joins Fast IDentity Online Alliance

Apr 25, 2013

Google finally steps up and joins the FIDO, (Fast IDentity Online Alliance), mission to replace passwords and instead use secure online identity authentication. FIDO’s founding members are Lenovo, PayPal, Nok Nok Labs, and Validity.  Sam Srinivas, of Google security released a statement about their support, “Joining the FIDO Alliance is a great way …

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